• Chipset Solution
The QSR10G-AX family offers the world's first 8x8 + 4x4, dual-band dual-concurrent Wi-Fi 6 chipset solution. Its architecture is based on our breakthrough QSR10G Wi-Fi 5 Wave 3 Wi-Fi platform. 802.11ax is the latest IEEE Wi-Fi specification under development and is designed to increase Wi-Fi networks’ efficiency in dense deployments such as multi-dwelling units (MDU). In addition, Wi-Fi 6 improves Wi-Fi network capacity and performance in terms of its ability to support more simultaneous clients, which is increasingly more important in the Era of Internet of Things. The QSR10G-AX family supports 12 total streams: 8 streams in the 5GHz band and 4 streams in the 2.4GHz band. QSR10G-AX is designed to enable a very easy and fast transition for existing QSR10G customers.

Chipset Solution


The QSR10GU-AX provides a 4x4 + 8x8 DBDC WiFi 6 chipset solution on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands respectively. Comprising of QT10GU-AX DBDC baseband chip with QT6210X and QT7810X RF Transceivers.